A 301 911

My chiropractor has a website through one of those web companies that cranks out thousands of websites in one niche. It’s an affordable option for my chiropractor, who is a 1-man practice. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for with services like this, and when he casually mentioned that the web company just redesigned his [...]

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WordPress for Small Businesses

It's a common occurrence. You hire a new employee, or you changed your phone number, or you're offering a new service and you want to make a change to your website. How long do you wait before you hear back from your website provider? With WordPress, the wait is over. Monico Media builds websites using [...]

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Butcher Shop Web Development

Project: Website Development, Website Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization Client: Mount Airy Butcher Shop The Story: Sam's Quality Meat Market has been serving the Greater Philadelphia Region since 1958. Though they have been providing the region with prime quality meat for over 50 years, they lacked an online presence. Monico Media consulted with the butcher shop owner [...]

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Jewelry Store Website Development

Project: Website Development, Website Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization Client: Local Jewelry Store The Story: A local mom-and-pop jewelry store knew they needed a website, but didn't know where to start. The Process: Monico Media and the jewelry store selected a WordPress theme that suited the store's brand and allowed for the flexibility to showcase the [...]

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Private Investigator Copywriter

Project: SEO Copywriter Client: Philadelphia Private Investigator The Story: After launching their new website, the client sat back and waited for business to  start rolling in.  The private eye fell victim to a common misconception. Monico Media explained to the investigator that just because you have a website, it doesn't mean anyone knows it's there. [...]

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Tourism Copywriter

Project: SEO Copywriter Client: Private Space Travel Agent The Story. The client supplies unique space tourism and space-related experiences in luxury packages. Since private space travel is a new adventure, they approached Monico Media with text-less website design in hand. They needed copy and they needed it fast. The Process. Monico Media conducted an hour-long [...]

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