Project: SEO Copywriter

Client: Private Space Travel Agent

The Story. The client supplies unique space tourism and space-related experiences in luxury packages. Since private space travel is a new adventure, they approached Monico Media with text-less website design in hand. They needed copy and they needed it fast.

The Process. Monico Media conducted an hour-long web conference with company’s president to uncover details of the project. Following the conference, we dove into the research, learning everything we could about the company, their mission, their services and their goals. We then put pen to paper (okay, we put fingers to keyboard, but you get the picture).  After a round of follow up and revisions, the client excitedly approved the website copy.

Since Monico Media is familiar with a variety of Content Management Systems (CMS), we inserted the copy into the development website backend.

The Result. In just two weeks, Monico Media provided a corporate mission, slogan and over 10 pages of search engine optimized website content.