Drive traffic to your website and drive business to your door through search engine optimization. An ever-changing strategy, search engine optimization is a long-term approach to generating website traffic via the natural (non-paid) search engine results. Doylestown freelance SEO copywriters Monico Media can help.

Search engine algorithms take a variety of factors into consideration – two of the VIPs being title tags and website copy. Monico Media understands what the search engines are looking for, and writes title tags and website content that will drive your website up in the rankings.

SEO copywriting is a delicate science. You must strike a balance that works your keywords in naturally without stuffing them into the website content – a red flag for Google.

The SEO Process.

Discovery. Monico Media will conduct a discover meeting (over the phone or in-person), during which time we seek to gain a complete understanding of your business, your industry and your audience.

Website Analysis. We will take a look at your website, the navigation, and your meta information to identify any areas which may stand in the way of effective search engine optimization.

Keyword Research. Monico Media will conduct extensive keyword research to identify what keyphrases will drive the most qualified traffic to your site.

Competition Analysis. We size up the competition. We assess their websites, where they rank in the search engines and for what terms.

Implementation. We will write unique title tags and edit your website content to integrate keywords strategically into your website.

Our Doylestown SEO Copywriter will then craft your copy to capture the attention of your site visitors as well as the search engines.

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