The SAE fraternity has been active at Gettysburg College since 1883. Unfortunately, their website looked almost as old as the college. The organization relied on the help of an unresponsive website developer to keep the website up to date with news and events, and after a few frustrating years, the Board Members decided they needed to invest in a new website that the fraternity could manage themselves.

The old website was comprised of more than 50 pages of content and hundreds of photos that needed to be included in the new website; that’s no small undertaking. But Monico Media was up for the challenge.

The new site features an interactive calendar of events so students and alumni can keep up with the fraternity’s happenings. There are separate sections of the site dedicated to members, alumni, and parents. Photo galleries highlight fun from events as well as the reconstruction projects at the fraternity house.

The site is built in WordPress, so SAE can manage the website themselves; however, they still send Monico Media update requests since turnaround time is quick!