Capture the attention of your website visitors through strong, engaging website copy.

When a potential customer lands on your website, you have just seconds to impress them. The look of your website can only take you so far. Your website copy should be engaging, informative and persuasive. Grab them with your website copy and tell them who you are.

Your website copy must position your company, your services and your products in the best light possible.

Professional website copywriting is the key to this positioning.

Our website copywriter turns site visitors into buyers. Through persuasive website content combined with effective calls to action, we drive business to your door.

The Process.

Discovery. Monico Media will conduct a discover meeting (over the phone or in-person), during which time we seek to gain a complete understanding of your business, your industry and your audience.

Competition Analysis. Next we assess the competition.We work to understand how they are positioning themselves and, more importantly, identify what sets you apart from them.

Goals. What do you want users to do next?  Come to your store?  Pick up the phone? Fill out a form? Shop online?  We will establish primary and secondary goals for website users.

Down to Business. Once we have gathered all of the vital information, we put pen to paper. With our established goals in mind, we will craft strategic calls to action in an effort to encourage site visitors to fulfill the goals of the website.

Implementation. Monico Media is adept in a number of content management systems. In order to ease your work load and ensure that the content displays the way we planned, we will load and lay out your website content.

Tracking. We recommend you utilize a tracking tool, such as Google Analytics, in order to measure the effectiveness of your website. Identify which pages convert, which pages result in the most bounces and more. By monitoring site visitor behavior, you can better shape your website to work for you.

If your website copy is already complete, it’s time for search engine optimization with our SEO Copywriter.

Contact Monico Media today to make your words count.